2024 Digital@Sea North America Conference

Navigating Digital Waterways of the Future:  Evolving Navigation through eNavigation

May 8-9, 2024 - ONE OCEAN Resort & Spa - Atlantic Beach, FL  USA


The 2024 Digital@Sea North America Conference took place on May 8th-9th, 2024, at the One Ocean Resort & Spa in Atlantic Beach, FL, USA. The conference centered around the theme "Evolving Navigation through eNavigation," highlighting the increasing use of digitalization in the maritime information landscape and the various advancements in North America.

The conference included a combination of presentations, workshops or panels that covered digitalization and implementation plans by key stakeholders including key U.S. and  Canadian government agency representatives, technology experts, mariners, international coastal administrations, and creators of maritime safety information.  The deadline for incorporation of new IHO products is rapidly approaching and the conference investigated the opportunities and effects of this evolution.  The transition from paper to electronic charts, the introduction of S-100, and the opportunities presented by technology, such as the VHF Data Exchange System (VDES), are a few examples of the topics presented and discussed.   

Under the IALA Digital@Sea series and hosted by RTCM, this conference aims to foster engagement among speakers and participants, encouraging everyone to take part in the discussions. The event welcomed professionals from various sectors of the maritime industry, such as professional mariners, port operators, fleet managers, and developers and manufacturers of bridge equipment.

The rapid pace of digitalization in the maritime sector necessitates that all industry stakeholders, including operators and managers, stay informed about these advancements. This is crucial due to their wide-ranging implications and the potential impact on regulatory standards. If you work in roles like professional mariners, port operators, fleet managers, or bridge equipment developers/manufacturers, consider engaging with this community for valuable insights.  You may email [email protected] with questions or to request further information.  

Thank you to this year's Attendees for your valuable participation once again. We are committed to supporting Digital@Sea North America, especially during the transition to S-100 products.  Currently, discussions are underway with IALA to enhance our service to the electronic navigation community, which might result in program adjustments from previous Digital@Sea North America conferences.

Nevertheless, we are gearing up to explore digitalization at the 2025 RTCM Assembly and Conference. Save the date for May 13-16, 2025, and we look forward to seeing you next year!